“We needed a proven training program that aligned the entire sales team around how we create and manage opportunities. Predictive Conversations did just that - and more. We're putting up bigger numbers, larger deals, & more new customers. Most important, we're having deeper, more meaningful conversations on every sales call. Now we've got a team of Advisors...and that's tough to beat!”

Paul T.Director of Sales & Distribution Americas

“I was first introduced to the Predictive Conversations sales methodology in 2005 and then again in 2018. Together with the sales teams, we read Miller’s books and participated in the intensive training and follow-up program. In returning to the updated course, I was reminded of the impact it had originally in 2005. I am still in touch with many of the original team who continue to use this methodology today.

The Predictive Conversations approach makes sales teams more consultative & strategic. From a results standpoint, we’ve experienced broader adoption of solutions and increased average invoice amount. Most importantly, we’re having more valuable field conversations that lead to stronger customer relationships.”

Alex D.North America Regional Distribution Manager

“Unlike most sales training, Predictive Conversations' was industry-specific. The conversations were real world and related directly to the day-to-day challenges of our field salespeople. Starting with the understanding of why people buy (backed by current research and countless interviews), to the decision making process, and to the role playing exercises, it is an impressive & comprehensive course!

We use the Predictive Conversations skills & strategies on a daily basis. We now have a common language and process that we use for preparing, presenting and following up with sales opportunities. Our sales are up and we are winning a higher percentage of deals than ever before!”

Tom P.General Manager

The Consultative Selling Toolkit

Essential Tools for Businesspeople Who Sell

Book Reviews

“What’s impressive is how Miller not only builds a case for a new sales role but also gives the specific strategies and competencies to turn theory into practice. Best of all, he serves it up inan easy to understand, highly readable manner”

Tom MuccioFormer President, Strategic Accounts Management Association, and Former President of Global Consumer Teams, Procter & Gamble

“Miller captures the new mind-set of strategic selling and account management better than anyone. His principles are perfect for these turbulent times. He motivates anyone who touches customers to achieve better sales results by simply adding more value”

John T. StuartNational Sales Director, Genentech USA

“Miller’s theory that the best salespeople are really ‘businesspeople who sell’ hits a bull’s-eye. What’s even better are his practical guidelines on how to do this. I hope my competition doesn’t read this book.”

John McVeighSenior Vice President, Global Sales, O.C. Tanner

“Few people understand selling better than Miller. This is a blueprint for how to sell more by becoming more important to customers. This should be required reading for all salespeople— especially those tasked with selling total solutions or new innovations.”

Mark WoodkaCEO, Onshift