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Sales Team

Our Approach

Successful selling is a result of doing the right things, then doing those things rightIn other words, efficiency and effectiveness. In baseball parlance, we increase at-bats (efficiency) AND batting average (effectiveness).

Here’s our approach. First, we improve selling effectiveness by transforming salespeople into Businesspeople Who Sell – a process, not an event. Second, we create mechanisms that generate new opportunities and shorten cycles.

Getting your salespeople to do more of the right things – the right way. The result? More singles, extra base hits, and game-changing home runs.

It’s a simple formula for winning more often.

Active Learning Workshops

Salespeople learn by doing. Our Experiential Learning Design™ focuses salespeople on applying new skills to real-world opportunities during the program. Combined with Goal-Driven Coaching™, it’s the best way to ensure field adoption & breakthrough performance.

Foundational Sales Training

A Consultative Sales Framework that aligns the entire sales team around opportunity creation & management.

Advanced Businessperson

Complex sale competencies with an emphasis on major account entry strategy & business case building.

Woman Coaching Businessman

A strategic coaching model for sales managers to improve performance through goal-driven change.

We Go Beyond Training

Creative Solutions that Spark Results

Dimensional Entry Strategy

We design Targeted Account-Based Selling programs (TABS™) that radically stimulate new client acquisition. The TABS™ program uses unique, story-driven dimensional mechanisms to gain attention and access to senior-level buyers.

Design Thinking

Mapping new sales process steps that add strategic value to buyers. Design Thinking both differentiates sales teams & shortens the path to a “collective yes” in the complex sale.

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CRM Integration

We help optimize CRM structure, functionality, and analytics by marrying our proprietary sales framework with your existing CRM platform.

Core Learning Attributes

Research-Based Methodology

Our B2B sales framework is based on empirical research of field sellers in complex solutions companies.

Learning Design & Delivery

Our methodology is delivered over spaced intervals to ensure adoption, execution, and results.

Content Customization

We customize course materials, visual field aids, and real-world simulations to accelerate knowledge transfer.


The Consultative Selling Toolkit

Essential Tools for Businesspeople Who Sell